Purchasing Assistant

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Transportation and Logistics

This is a Monday to Friday position, 40 hours a week. 

Responsibilities and Duties

1. Procurement

· Ensure that procurement decisions are taken with a view to achieving optimum stock levels, buying at the most optimal price and balancing operational efficiency with customer service.

· Set up appropriate lines of communication with Operations and Sales teams. Need to recognise the importance of providing accurate and up to date information on an ongoing basis.

· Analyse and understand market trends 

· Actively seek cost savings in regular stock lines

· Plan and execute strategic procurement decisions, in consultation with the Purchasing Manager.

· Seek alternative supplier for product lines if is cost saving or new range is required to meet customer demand.

· Ensure that suppliers adhere to the standards set in Bidfood’s Food Control Plan

· Build strong relationships with suppliers and gain a competitive advantage through negotiation and or delivering benefit to suppliers.

2. Inventory administration

· Using available tools (including Houdini/Stock Track & Excel), ensure we are maintaining accurate inventory and pricing files within Bidfood’s ER (Realtime)

· Monitor and review the daily inwards goods, to ensure accuracy of receipting and stock records.

· Conduct regular reviews of the stock range identify duplicate and slow moving stock lines, and to decide on an appropriate course of action in consultation with Purchasing Manager.

· Ensure that all pricing and system fields are updated in Real-time.

· Manage slow moving and problem stock, highlighting issues to the Sales Manager and ensuring initiative to clear stock are completed.

· Ensure orders are placed in accordance with supplier requirements (minimum orders, lead times, cut off times etc)

3. General

· Assist the Warehouse Manager and Inventory Controller in all aspects of the stocktake process

· Follow all company policies including those related to Food Safety and Health & Safety.

· Assist other staff with other sundry duties as directed by your manager

· Maintain a high standard of dress and grooming so as to represent a professional company image to visitors.

4. Personal

· Strive for continuous improvement personally

· Communicate and promote yourself as a team player

Health & Safety

Under current New Zealand Health and Safety legislation -Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, (HSWA 2015), you are obliged to;

· Take reasonable care of your own health and safety, including reasonable care that others are not harmed by something you do or don’t do.

· Follow reasonable health and safety instructions given by anyone at Bidfood, as far as they are reasonably able to.

· Cooperate with any reasonable Bidfood business policy or procedure relating to the workplace’s health and safety.

Other Health and Safety requirements, including work Injury reporting;

· Ensure that all accidents, injuries near misses or hazards that occur at work or that affect your work are reported as soon as possible to your Supervisor/Manager or branch H/S Co-ordinator. 

· Ensure that equipment and machinery safety checks are performed before use.

Food Safety

· Bidfood has a  HACCP based Food Control Plan (FCP), developed to meet the legal requirements of the Food Act 2014 and other Food Safety requirements

· You are responsible for following Bidfood’s Food Safety requirements under the FCP. Please see the Compliance Manager for a copy of the FCP.

· You must immediately report any   irregularities or non-conformances using the standard operating procedure ( SOP) defined in the Food Control Plan (FCP)

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