Multidrop Delivery Driver - Class 2 Licence

Listed 16 days Ago
Transportation and Logistics

 Key Responsibilities

· Make deliveries as directed

- maintain schedules of delivery and keep within timetables

- handle company stock with care

- collect and account for cash on COD deliveries following the company cash handling policy

- record deliveries, cash and stock returns on Driver’s run sheet and Requests for Credit as required by the company policy

- Ensure a fully completed drivers sheet is handed in at the end of each day’s deliveries

· Take responsibility for assigned truck. Notify the company when service and other maintenance is required. Notify the company of any accidents or damage to the vehicle.

· Present yourself for work in clean and tidy clothes that are in line with the company policy on Driver uniforms

· Deal with the company’s customers in a courteous and respectful manner

· Have a current drivers licence applicable for the vehicle you drive

· Ensure that the highest levels of food safety are maintained

- As per the food safety guidelines defined in the HACCP manual, handle company stock with care which includes the monitoring of product temperature whilst in the delivery vehicle

- Keep delivery vehicle clean and tidy in accordance with company cleaning policies

- Observe the Company’s policy on wounds, Infectious illnesses and personal hygiene

· Assist with company stock takes when required.


· Assist other staff or departments with other sundry duties as directed by your manager.


· Pick stock from Pick sheets to fulfil customer’s orders. Ensure random weights and stock unable to be found is noted on the pick sheets. Keep the freezer and chiller doors shut.

· Follow any instructions on invoices or pick sheets. Notify your Supervisor of any confusing instructions or misleading product descriptions.

· Ensure that changes to stock locations are advised to the Stock Controller or your Supervisor.

· Ensure stock has been rotated on a first in – first out basis (FIFO) by ensuring the oldest stock is picked first.

· When required, assist with investigations to locate missing stock.

· Complete the Short Dated Stock for the stock controller each Monday. 

· Pack, load, and deliver all stock off invoice for delivery runs. 

· Handle stock with care.

· Adhere to all driving/road law and company policies/limits at all times.


· Assist with the Company stocktakes as directed by your manager.

Food Safety

· As per your Employment Agreement, ensure that you maintain the highest levels of food safety by ensuring that all frozen and chilled goods are placed in cold storage as a priority. All stock must be stored up off the floor.

· Observe Company policies on personal hygiene, wounds and infectious illnesses

· Perform cleaning duties as per the Cleaning Register and your Supervisor.

· Ensure that damaged and unsaleable products are removed from picking locations and repaired where possible. If not repairable, repack and advise your Supervisor for relocation details.

· Ensure that the Warehouse, Chiller and Freezers are kept tidy and free from rubbish.

Health and Safety

· Adhere to Health and Safety rules outlined in your Employment Agreement.

· Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015, you are obliged to take all practical steps to ensure your own safety at work and to ensure the safety of all other persons in the workplace.

· Ensure that the Safety Officer/Manager is advised of any new accidents, incidents or hazards identified immediately. Report any health and safety concerns to the Safety Officer.

· Perform daily equipment and machinery safety checks as required before use. Advise your Supervisor of any damaged or faulty equipment immediately.

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